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Quality lies at the heart of everything we do.

“BA Joinery were superb. The quality of the joinery is fantastic.

We had lots of samples and agreed all the standards at an early stage.”


At BA Joinery, we take a rigorous approach to quality management. We have a strong, experienced design, estimating and production team who maintain meticulous attention to quality procedures and standards.

We are also fully ISO 9001 accredited, with all of our estimating, setting-out, manufacturing, installation, snagging and financial company procedures in full alignment and conformity with ISO 9001 requirements.


Each section of our factory is supervised by its own Foreman. This includes the joinery shop, machine shop and polish shop.

Periodic inspections are carried out regularly to spot-check quantities and materials and to ensure that operations have been correctly completed.


Alongside our Project Manager, we ensure that a site Foreman takes the lead in ensuring the quality of all of our installations on site.

Once our Joiners have installed and self-snagged an item, it is then offered to the Foreman. Only once the Foreman is fully satisfied will our Project Manager present the installation to the client.